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Elance Adobe Photoshop Test Answer

Adobe Photoshop Test Answer Elance

Elance adobe Photoshop test answer to complete any Elance profile completeness. Generally we should to fill up or complete hole required information to complete and then get your profile 100% completeness we should take some necessary skill test answer. Actually Elance skill test answer is one of the powerful things where maximum client can choose your profile to run work and newest campaign.

If you want to scale down a raster layer and preserve the underlying data as much as possible, what feature would you use?
Linear Interpolation
Bicubic Interpolation
Convert to Vector Layer
Convert to Smart Object

 When you sharpen an image using high-pass filter, what layer mode do you set for the layer you used the high-pass filter on?
    Multiply or Screen
Overlay, Hard Light, or Linear
Color Burn, Color Dodge

How would you create a selection that is twice as wide as it is tall while using the Rectangular Marquee tool?
The “Normal” style option
The “Fixed Size” style option
The “Fixed ratio” style option
The “Fixed width and height” style optio

In order to reset the Point of Origin in Photoshop, you must single click the Point of Origin area.

Random bright and/or off-color pixels found in poorly compressed jpeg images are called…

Which features allow you to create, manage, and view multiple versions of a layout as a single file?
Layer comps
History palette
Image sets
Alpha channels

Which of the following tools requires you to take a sample of the image to use?
Healing Brush tool
Spot Healing Tool

 If you make a selection with the marquee tool, how can you transform only the selection itself without editing the pixels inside the selection?
    Select “Transform Selection” under the Select Menu, or with the Marquee Tool still selected, right-click the selection then choose Transform Selection.
With the Marquee Tool still selected, right-click the selection then choose Free Transform.

Which command can be used to identify highest and lowest brightness values in an image?
None of these
Spot color

What is the keyboard shortcut to make a new layer by copying the current layer?
Command (Ctrl) + Y
Command (Ctrl) + L
Command (Ctrl) + C
Command (Ctrl) + J

True or False: Vector masks are larger in size than Pixel masks.

Which tool must be selected for the alignment buttons to display?
the Free Form Lasso tool
the Hand tool
the Direct Selection tool
the Move tool

You open a document and some of the filters are disabled in the Filter menu. Which of the following could be a reason for this?
You are working in Safe Mode
The document is a 16bit or 32bit file
The screen resolution is too low
Any of these

To erase the last fastening point put down by the Magnetic lasso Tool
Press the Alt Key
Press the Space bar
Press the delete key
Backtrack and click the last point
Press the Shift Key

The default keyboard shortcut to show/hide Extras is:
Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + E
Ctrl/Cmd + H
Ctrl/Cmd + E

Which method combines a mask of an image with its negative to reduce blur in the image?
Filter > Sharpen Edges
Filter > Find Edges
Filter > Despeckle
Filter > Unsharp Mask

How many filters are available in the Filter Gallery when working on a CMYK document?
You cannot use the Filter Gallery with a CMYK document
All filters

Which of the following methods would NOT give you a gray scale image?
Going to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate
Creating a black layer with the Overlay layer mode
Minimizing the saturation of the image
Using a gradient map adjustment layer with a monochrome gradient

Which of the following is one way to decrease the area of a marquee-selected region while constraining that region to its original proportions?
Edit > Free Transform
Edit > Modify > Contract
Image > Trim
Select > Modify > Contract
Image > Crop

What is the highest tolerance for Photoshop tools?

If you have two layers, what blend mode will hide the lighter pixel everywhere they overlap?
Color Dodge
Pin Light

Which of these does not require you to specify a sample area when it automatically samples from neighboring pixels?
Quick selection
Eyedropper tool
Spot healing brush
Impressionist brush

After you save a selection, it can be modified in…
the Select menu.
the Channels panel.
the Presets folder.
the Mask panel.

Which sort of type expands or contracts as you edit it, but does not wrap to the next line.
Paragraph type (click/drag)
Open type
Faux Type
Point Type (single click)

You have two layers and want to hide all the white pixels on the top layer. What is one blend mode you can assign to the top layer?

If you try to create a brush from your current document but nothing is selected:
A pop up will request that you choose a portion of the image
The whole image is used
Define brush preset will only work if you are in RGB mode
Nothing will happen

When resizing an image, which resampling method does not employ any anti-aliasing smoothing?
Bicubic Sharp
Bicubic Smooth
Nearest Neighbor

Which of the following is one use for alpha channels?
Saving a file in RGB color mode
Saving a file in CMYK color mode
Storing and hosting original image history states
None of these
Storing and editing selections as mask

What will appear after deleting a portion of a flattened document?
White fill
Background color
Checkered pattern
Black fill

Which of the following blend modes will increase the contrast of an image if a curves adjustment layer has already been added?
Lighter Color
Darker Color

Which of the following is a time-saving feature of Photoshop when creating data-driven graphics?
Layer Comps

What’s the maximum number of saved Color Samplers that can be used in a layered document in order to monitor its color?

What will loading an .ase file, or an .aco file, change in Photoshop?
the color swatches.
the custom shape tools
the dictionary files
opens a 3D file in the open window

How can you rotate the view of your document (compass-assisted) while still anchoring it to it’s original position?
Rotate View Tool
Transform > Rotate
Rotate Image
Rotate Canvas

If you open the Liquify filter with an active selection in place it results in:
The area outside the selection being frozen
Only the selected area appearing in the filter view
The area inside the selection being frozen
You cannot open the Liquify filter with an active selection in place

What modifier key allows you to reposition an in-process selection without tracing a path?
Space bar

In which Layer Style would I find the check box labeled ‘Link with Layer’?
Drop Shadow
Inner Glow
All the Above
Pattern Overlay

How much more file space does a CMYK image use compared to an RGB image?
None of these

If you have an active selection and you paste an image into your document, what is the result?
The selection disappears and the pasted image is totally visible
The pasted image is visible only inside the selection
The pasted image is visible only outside the selection

If a brush has the blend mode clear, does it behave like the eraser tool?
It depends on the brush

What command allows you to “soft-proof” your image on-screen in the profile you will print from?
Print One Copy
Preview Image
Print Preview
Proof Colors

Which tool lets you paint with stylized strokes such as Tight Curl, Dab, Loose Medium, and Tight Short?
Art History Brush Tool
History Brush Tool
Airbrush Tool
Pattern Stamp Tool



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