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Google Adsense Youtube Earning Strategy – Youtube Video Income

Google adsense youtube earning got huge popularity all over the world. Now a days most of the people personally earning form YouTube. Generally youtube paying over unique video content. Youtube is fully free marketplace for everyone to upload video content to earn money. Any type of video you may upload on your youtube channel without pornography. Only sexual video content google adsense youtube never allow with this environment.

Google Adsense Youtube

Google adsense and youtube adsense are similar that means both are under Google. As a youtube publisher video content is one of the primary product. Where only video creation and video uploading is the work, no need to do anything. If you can generate or create interesting and necessary video content then no need to thinking about your earning. Just make fresh video content and upload to your youtube channel.

Here is a little process to get started google adsense youtube earning. Just use a gmail address not any other company email address are allowed or if you don’t have then create a gmail address. Go to your web browser enter youtube website and login using your existing gmail address. Now click on top right hand corner of your profile picture menu. Then you can see “creator studio” menu and create a youtube channel. Upload some fresh video content on your youtube channel and wait for 10,000 views. When your channel reach 10,000 views you may apply for a adsense account under this youtube channel. If you already google adsense or youtube adsense account no need to apply for a new account. Just connect with that existing account to get started earning form youtube.

About Youtube Video Content

Google adsense youtube are very aware about their privacy policy. Any type of video content you may upload on your channel without sexual. One things you should always remember about content policy. Just always try to avoid other channels video use. Only make any type of video content on your won strategy.

Category of Video

You may create natural video, any type of video tutorial, funny videos, short film, animals etc.

Video Editing Software/Tools

Here are a list with some top rated video editing tools.

  • Adobe Premiere Progoogle adsense youtube
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Media Composer
  • Director Suite
  • VEGAS Pro
  • Magix Video Pro
  • EDIUS Pro
  • Lightworks
  • HitFilm
  • PowerDirector
  • iMovie
  • Camtasia
  • Filmora

Those are top popular video editing tools to edit or make a professional video for your youtube channel. Anyone tools you may use to edit for your video. Any operation like windows or mac user can find suitable tools with this list. Always try to make your video user friendly and fresh content.

Custom Thumbnails Maker

Here are a list of Youtube thumbnails image maker tools.

  • Canva
  • Picmonkey
  • Fotor
  • Fotojet
  • Backgrounder

Tips for Youtube Earning

If your youtube channel are brand new, then you should upload minimum 2-5 video daily. When your channel contain 100 video then you may get success within a short time. Create a facebook fan page and  a twitter account for your youtube channel to promote your video on social media. When you will upload any video to your youtube channel you must share on facebook page and twitter account. Using this strategy you will huge fans form social media and your video will get more popularity day by day.

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