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How to Buy a Hosting Plan – Web Hosting Guidelines

How to buy a hosting plan to get started run a website or blog. In this criteria you should to know about web hosting guidelines. Most of the beginner having a great mistake to choose or take a appropriate hosting plan / provider. Always you should overview everything of features with that hosting plan.

How to Buy a Hosting Plan?

To buy a hosting plan you should to know  minimum two things.

  1. What is web hosting?
  2. Type of web hosting

What is web hosting?

Just simply think about your computer or mobile phones memory card about your internal storage. Web hosting is same thing but It is online base web storage where we can store documents, html, images and videos etc. Any web hosting company refers to rent our their computer/server to store any website with internet connection. This is why any other computer can easily access the file on your website or blog.

Type of web hostingHow to buy a hosting plan

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting

As a beginner you may use a lowest budget hosting plan, because firs no need to spend high amount of hosting plan. Here is a small budget hosting plan 1Dollar WebHosting what I have use for first 2 years without any problem with good customer support. First go to this link and signup for a account using your information. If you already have a domain name then no need to choose any domain name. If don’t have any domain name or don’t how to buy a domain name ?As a payment method you may use Skrill because this is very easy to use.

When you finish your signup process you will get an email notification to active your account then the next message you will get your full cPanel details. Now your cPanel is ready to use.

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