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Social Media Statistics 2018 Review – SMM Statistics Report 2018

Social media statistics 2018 review or smm statistics report 2018. Here also available social media management tools, social media monitoring, social media manager, social media analytics, social media marketing, etc. information and tips. There’s little doubt that social media has occupied the best variety of business campaigns long before the acceptableness of selling. Does one need proof of its acceptability? Then the subsequent figures area unit capable of giving affordable proof. Lastly, I’m finishing this give some statistics. Kiss or a London based public relations company conducted a study in London from July to September. So that more than 100 full-time adults took part. The main goal of the study was to find out their personal ideas and feedback on social media. Of the participants, 89 percent of the social media follow at least one brand regularly. social media marketing 2018

  • 86% marketer agreed on social media marketing for their promotion.
  • In the next five years, its double return is available as much as they are invested in social media marketing.
  • 74% marketer acknowledged the importance of Facebook for the lead generation.
  • 92% of consumers are more likely to believe in information obtained through social media marketing than any other marketing.
  • 74% marketer said, social media marketing – can only increase traffic to Website if you spend only 6 hours per week.
  • 100% of the businessmen are now able to fix business meetings on social media.
  • 53% people believe in twitter recommendation and 48% of them are interested in buying twitter recommended products.
  • Hopefully, there is no restriction on the importance of social media marketing.

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If a company 51% said that is not active in social media or active, then they have a negative attitude towards those companies. 63 percent of the population said that they were tired of social media to know about any company or brand. Asked about the main reason for using social media, 38 percent said they were associated with social media for the purpose, while 4 percent said they would update their main job status in social media. 43 percent of the 18-25 age group said they were looking at marketing in social media or influencing them. In social media, at least one brand followed at least 89 people.

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