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Test answers for Facebook Open Platform Development Test 2016

Test answers for facebook open platform development test 2016 available in here,we are always try to published all Upwork and Elance related test answer.  

Q.1. By passing the email param to which method can email notifications be sent?

  • notifications.send
  • notifications.sendEmail


Q.2. Does return the RSVP status for the Facebook members for a given event?

  • Yes
  • No

Q.3. How many maximum notifications can be sent by an application per day?

  • 40
  • 60
  • 80
  • 100
  • No limit

Q.4. Analyze the following code and state whether the statement that follows is true or false?


<a href=”javascript:alert(‘Hi’);”>click me</a>


The above code shows a runtime error.

  • True
  • False

Q.5. How many character strings do the user preferences for the API consist of for each user?

  • 16
  • 32
  • 64
  • 128
  • 256

Q.6. By submitting which variable can Facebook Applications use cross-domain scripting when authenticating the auth token?

  • sig
  • domain_script
  • callback
  • script_token


38 NOT Answered Yet Test Questions:

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Q.7. What does the parameter sig mean?

  • The application key associated with the calling application
  • The sequence number of the request
  • An MD5 hash of the current request and your secret key
  • The session key of the logged in user
  • None of the above

Q.8. Which error messages are associated only with FQL?

  • Error while parsing FQL statement
  • The submitted call_id was not greater than the previous call_id for this session
  • One of the parameters specified was missing or invalid

Q.9. What does the parameter skipcookie mean?

  • An alternative way for the login page that does not contain any Facebook navigational elements
  • You can pass this to the Facebook login URL to allow a user to re-enter their login information
  • Avoid cookie being stored on the client system
  • Infinite session should be maintained to avoid relogin

Q.10. Which of the following is not an FQL table?

  • user
  • event_member
  • group_member
  • friend_member

Q.11. What will happen if you execute the following FQL query?


SELECT eid, name, location

FROM event


FROM event_member)

  • The query successfully executes returning eid, name and location.
  • An error is raised and the error message ‘The field you requested does not exist’ is shown.
  • The resulting XML response shows an error message: Error while parsing FQL statement.
  • The error message ‘The table requested doesn’t exist’ is shown.
  • None of the above

Q.12. Which one of the following is the Error code for the message ‘Invalid photo id’?

  • 110
  • 111
  • 121
  • 130

Q.13. With desktop applications, which parameter can be used to create a call stack?

  • request_id
  • call_id
  • process_id
  • execute_id

Q.14. When will the API_EC_TIMEOUT error come?

  • When the user’s login credentials for Facebook are incorrect
  • When the applications API key is invalid
  • When the user already has an application session open with another application
  • When the current session key expires

Q.15. Which group of API functions has a mechanism that provides better performance for lookups without centralized indexes?

  • Specialized tables
  • Distributed tables
  • Associations
  • Specialized procedures
  • None of the above

Q.16. Which method of Facebook class checks for the session key and redirects the user to the Facebook website to perform the authentication if it is unable to find the session key for the user to work with the application?

  • require_user()
  • auth_login()
  • auth_user()
  • require_login()

Q.17. Which method returns the identifiers of friends signed up for the calling application?

  • friends.getLists
  • friends.getAppUsers
  • friends.areFriends
  • friends.get

Q.18. Which of the following methods is used to calculate the Feed Points(FP)?

  • ceil( FRIENDS / 20 ) * PRIORITY
  • ceil( PRIORITY / 20 ) * USERS
  • ceil( USERS / 20 ) * FRIENDS
  • ceil( PRIORITY / 20 ) * FRIENDS

Q.19. Which type of associations are associations between objects that can happen when there’s no need to look up a value by some ID for a given object?

  • One-way associations
  • Symmetric associations
  • Asymmetric associations
  • None of the above

Q.20. Which of the following methods is/are used to publish news feed stories to the friends of the user who has added an application?

  • Stream.publish
  • feed.publishStoryToUser
  • Facebook servers do it automatically

Q.21. Which REST API method creates an authentication token which is then passed to the Facebook authentication mechanism?

  • facebook.auth.createToken
  • facebook.auth.getToken
  • facebook.auth.getSession
  • facebook.auth.createSession

Q.22. What does the Data.getAssociatedObjectsCount do?

  • It is not a function or method associated with the API.
  • This method returns the count of object ids that are associated with a specified object.
  • This method counts the items in an array and then converts them to JSON.
  • This method returns the counts of the associated objects of a list of objects.

Q.23. Which FQL function returns the position of the character needle in the string haystack?

  • strlen()
  • strstackpos()
  • strpos()
  • strfind()

Q.24. Which error messages are associated only with the photos.addTag method?

  • Invalid user id
  • Invalid album id
  • Invalid photo id
  • Missing or invalid file

Q.25. How does the Facebook API tie accept IP addresses to your application?

  • The first IP to connect to the application is always allowed and the rest are disallowed.
  • A variable called valid_ips is passed upon logging into the application.
  • When the api_key variable is passed to FBAPI, the API can pull these IPs from your application profile.

Q.26. Which method is used when adding a link under the user’s profile image?

  • profile.setFBML()
  • profile.setProfileAction()
  • profile.setProfileFMBL()
  • profile.setProfileLink()

Q.27. How many maximum items do batch APIs contain?

  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • No limit

Q.28. Which of the following methods takes a query and returns a response object?

  • fql.query.execute
  • fql.query
  • fbapi.fql.query
  • None of the above

Q.29. What does data.getObjectTypes method do?

  • This method is not related to Facebook API.
  • This method returns a list of all defined object types.
  • This method returns the detailed definition of an object type.
  • This method returns the properties of a list of objects by ids.

Q.30. Which category of REST API calls provides methods to send messages to the users?

  • facebook:users
  • facebook:notifications
  • facebook:events
  • facebook:feed

Q.31. Which of the following constants can be used in a tag that requires the UID of the current user?

  • user_id
  • profileowner
  • profileuser
  • loggedinuser

Q.32. Which of the following are not valid FBML methods?

  • facebook.fbml.refreshImgSrc
  • facebook.fbml.setRefHandles
  • facebook.fbml.refreshRefUrl
  • facebook.fbml.refreshSrcImg

Q.33. Which of the following syntaxes are valid for setStyle method?

  • obj.setStyle(‘height’, ‘200’);
  • obj.setStyle(‘text-decoration’, ‘underline’)
  • obj.setStyle({color: ‘black’, background: ‘white’});

Q.34. Which of the following is not a valid Facebook API error message?

  • The request has come from a remote address not allowed by this application.
  • The API key submitted is not associated with any known application.
  • Wrong number of arguments has passed into the function.
  • The parameters specified have null values.

Q.35. Which of the following prefixes distinguishes between HTML and FBML commands?

  • fb:
  • htfb:
  • fbml:
  • None of the above

Q.36. Which of the following are the two most important pieces of information that must be added to every page of your application?

  • Session key
  • Secret key
  • API key
  • Infinite session
  • User Id

Q.37. Which of the following error messages is not associated only with the feed.publishTemplatizedAction method?

  • One or more of the target ids for this story are invalid. They must all be ids of the friends of the acting user.
  • Either the required parameters are missing from the feed story title template or all the parameters have not been defined in the title_data array.
  • The application has reached the maximum number of requests allowed. More requests are allowed only when the time window has completed.
  • The feed story body_data argument was not a valid JSON-encoded array.

Q.38. Which FQL method is similar to the following query?


SELECT eid, name, tagline, nid, pic, pic_big, pic_small, host, description,

event_type, event_subtype, start_time, end_time, creator, update_time,

location, venue

FROM event

WHERE eid IN (SELECT eid FROM event_member

WHERE uid=uid AND rsvp_status=rsvp_status) AND

eid IN (eids) AND

end_time >= start_time AND

start_time < end_time

  • None of the above.

Q.39. Which method can be used to return a set of gids associated with uids?

  • facebook.users.getInfo
  • facebook.groups.get
  • facebook.friends.get
  • facebook.groups.getUsers
  • None of the above.

Q.40. Which communication protocol is used when executing the auth.createToken method in Desktop applications?

  • IMAP
  • JSON

Q.41. Which method returns a list of your friends?

  • friends.getLists
  • friends.areFriends
  • friends.getAppUsers
  • friends.get

Q.42. For which division in the Facebook are the following style properties mainly used?


background: #D8DFEA none repeat scroll 0%;

border-top: 1px solid #3B5998;

margin: 0px;

padding: 2px 8px;

  • Left panel
  • Right panel
  • Header
  • Footer

Q.43. Which type of parameters does Batch API require while calling?

  • JSON array
  • data
  • fb_sig
  • bool
  • markup

Q.44. Which of the following is not a component of the Facebook Platform?

  • Client Libraries
  • FQL
  • FBML
  • SOAP