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Top 3 PTC Site to Earn Money Easily & Earn $5 to $8 Daily

Top 3 PTC site to earn money form online without any investment. Just time is your asset and investment with this paid to click industry. Anyone can make up to $190 – $400 monthly with some of PTC sites depending on your valuable time and strategy.

Now a days most of the people are facing fraud taking wrong PTC sites. There are 100 plus of PTC site but all of them are not reliable. Best on  my experience you may work on 3-5 sites, where you will get a satisfied income.

If you did like to earn more then you may work on some this additional online jobs towards with PTC site. All over the world millions of people are working with this top 3 PTC site to earn money. Just feel free you may prefer those sites to earn money form any places.

Top 3 PTC Site to Earn Money Easily

First set your mind that you will or you can with this boring field. If yes then you may join with this only top 3 PTC site to earn money where I already earning $265 monthly.

1. ClixSense

This is the number one PTC site allover the world, where most of the people working since February 2007 also me too.

Just easily you may join and work with ClixSense    ptc income

How to Join with ClixSense?

  • Simply Clic this ClixSense link then complete your signup form.
  • Then go to your email inbox to get a verification link. Just click on the link to confirm or active your account.
  • Now login to your ClixSense account using your username and password what you have used to signup and complete your profile of other details.
  • To withdrawal your payment you will find those Payza, Neteller, Payoneer, Skrill, Paytoo, Tango.

2. NeoBux

NeoBux is one of the 2nd PTC site all over the world which is leading since 2008 and they are paying as may as good you aspect. If you work regularly basis like daily a schedule time basis you should login on NeoBux and open your ads and offer. Many Neobux member are making $$1500 to $2000 every month

Click here to join with NeoBux

3. Buxp

BuxP is another reliable Bux PTC site serving income opportunity since 2008 where 0.5 Million members and 58k advertisers. You may make money by clicking advertisement, YouTube video watching and other similar video, also social media linking (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus).

To join with BuxP Click here

significant points about pay to click (PTC) web sites.

Here are 1000+ of PTC websites but maximum of them are fraud, where a few PTC site are reliable and honestly paying there members. Best on my experience CLickSense and BeoBux are the top two PTC website and paying honestly since a long time all over the world.

How to Increase Your Income From PTC Sites?

You can’t maximize your income spending huge time because of the limited ads view and offer. Just you will get some limited ads view, click and survey.

A 3 Step strategy to increase your earning form PTC sites

  1. Just viewing your ads everyday like 30 day in a month.
  2. Refer your affiliate link everywhere like Social Network, Forum, Blog, Friend, Relatives, Family Members etc. When anyone join with your referral link you will get a percentage of revenue and it will maximize your income.
  3. You may take their premium membership plan to maximise your income. When you will be a premium member of a PTC site, you will get double opportunity on ads view and commission.

This is the way you may income form PTC website. I think something is better than nothing.

Here are more income source you may find.

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