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How to create unique backlinks for a website using white hat method?

How to create unique backlinks that can be a vital question for anyone but we should use only the white hat strategy otherwise any time Google kicks out your website without any notification.

  1. First, you need to know what a is a backlink?

  2. How to create a unique backlink?

  3. Where I need to create a backlink?

So let's get started, how to create unique backlinks for a website using the white hat method.

What is a backlink?

We know that backlinks known as incoming links, in links, inbound links, and inward links are coming links from a website. As a general link terminology, a backlink is any link achieved by a website (Example: directory, web page, website, or top-ranking domain) from another website. Just take it easy no need to make it critical. Just link your website to another web site.

How to create unique backlink?

So if you use the targeted keyword of your website and link to other websites using hyperlinks then you will get a unique backlink for your website. Here is an example for you to create a hyperlink or backlink sample with an image.

Where I need to create a backlink?

To create a unique backlink you need to choose some top-level page rank website must be higher than your site. Because when you will linking your site to a higher-level site then automatically your site will get the benefit, on the other hand, if you choose to link your site with a lower-level site then automatically your site will go down, because that low-level site has lower traffic and lower search engine visibility. So how may that site help your site? Always remember to use an upper-level website for creating backlinks.

  • Forum site

  • Blog site

  • Bookmarking site

  • Social site

  • Directory site

  • Web 2.00 site

  • Citation site

  • Press release site

  • Article submission site

  • Guest posting site

All of that category related good quality backlinks building materials you will get form allseolink site.


If your website has good quality backlinks then you get a Google search engine ranking, unique traffic from organic search results.

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