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How to Create a Gmail Account - Google Email Account Signup

How to create a Gmail account and what is an email address? This is a very simple and funny thing for who have known about this but most of the people who are using online and smartphone but don't know how to create a Gmail account. This is for those people who did like to create a Gmail account personally and did like to sign on to Google play store with their existing or new Gmail account.

How to Create a Gmail Account?

So first go to the official page or website Google.Com click on the create an account button if not found then click on the sign-in button then you may see the create an account button. Now you need to fill up the required information that I have mentioned using an image.....

Just fill up your fast name, last name, choose your username what will be your Gmail, choose your minimum 8 character password, date of birth, gender, the mobile phone that can help you next time to recover your Gmail account, if you have any email account then fill up and if none then take it empty then fill up the "reCAPTCHA" for human verification. Now you may click on the Next button and you finish the process, right now you have got your Gmail account.


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