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Organic Traffic Vs Paid Traffic - Website Traffic Promotion


Organic Traffic Vs Paid Traffic

Organic traffic vs paid traffic to get started any website worldwide visibility. Although traffic is traffic hare is some difference between both organic or manual search traffic and paid traffic. We know that organic traffic needs to generate manually using the white hat method where you should some strategy but no need to know any strategy for paid traffic.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic means search engine search traffic what we have mentioned with this example image. Just look at these images where I have searched for the keyword "outsourcing income network"  and we are looking for some search results. In this search result, we are looking at our website in the first place, so this is called organic traffic what we have mentioned practically. This is the appropriate strategy to generate organic traffic for your website or blog.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic means you need to pay to generate traffic for your website. Paid traffic can be different types like Google Adwords, Facebook traffic, traffic exchange company, banner ads, and any other third party website banner ads, etc something like that. Here is an example of paid traffic what, we have mentioned with these images. This type of traffic is called paid traffic.

Hope now you have understood the difference between organic traffic and paid traffic. Always we recommend organic traffic because organic traffic will through traffic to your website regularly for a long time but paid traffic only depends on yourself.

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