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Complete Organic SEO Idea - White hat SEO Guideline


Complete Organic SEO Idea

Complete organic SEO idea is one of the best parts to get started a successful business. SEO will always be in demand. here professional ideas about  SEO for any business owner who wants to promote its website, as it is at the top of the search engine / Google is the first page. Add to Google on the first page of the site or if the site is to promote SEO for the site will be done. Search engine optimization (SEO) so long to do this is to continue to work with patience. However, job quality must be good for the sector's success. Those who are new to the field, and if you get a job on the professional level to maintain the well if the problem does not get its act.

What  SEO (search engine optimization)?

Search engine optimization is a short or single line word but this SEO means deepness is huge. Search engine optimization, which means perfect. Search Engine Optimization is a method of using a search engine through which you can make your site known to all. Now you may ask me what the search engines or search engine What is the brother? So I need to know what the search engines.

We use the Internet, nearly all of them are familiar with the search engine. Internet is the search engine google, yahoo, bing, etc. Google is the most popular search engine. When we want to know about anything on the Internet, but we do search engines. For example, in 2014 the Dhaka Board of S, S, C Result want to know if the Google search box, enter "Result of S, S, C 2014 Dhaka Board". Then after a while, you will see when you search in Dhaka Board 2014 S, S, C result of Web site links will appear in front of you. In a word, the Internet search to find out something so that browser uses the search engine.

Come back to SEO (search engine optimization) to know what or whom.

Suppose you have a hashtag industry export business. Most buyers take the continent to Europe and America. Most people on the continent of Europe and America is to use Google or Bing. When the people of the country "Handcrafted Beauty Exporters from Bangladesh" to search it. After the search finds your site if they do, then you can come to some order. Otherwise, your contact with these buyers would not have been possible. "Handcrafted Beauty Exporters from Bangladesh" is the keywords, search engines, which are the shoppers. The keywords for your site on the first page of Google or Bing to bring some of the strategies. And all of these strategies or actions that search engine optimization or SEO for short.

SEO (search engine optimization) are mainly two types

One Page (the website is inside)

On-Page SEO is to work on the following grabbed for themselves.

  1. Site Analysis

  2. Keyword Research(as per the theme of the website)

  3. Competition Research

  4. Web Pages Title

  5. Meta Description

  6. Meta Keywords

  7. Meta Robots

  8. Creating sitemaps and Submission

  9. Links - Verify Link structure, Alt tags, Text link words, and titles

  10. Deep Linking

  11. Check the keyword density of each major section on the page

  12. Manual submission to all the major Search Engines

  13. 301 re_directs (canonical issues

  14. URL Optimization

  15. HTML Formatting

  16. Image Optimization (filename etc.)

  17. Site map.XML

Off-Page (the website is outside)

Off-page SEO work is taking on all that follows grabbed for themselves.

1) Directory Submission

2) Social Bookmarking

3) Press Releases

4) Blog/forum commenting

5) Blog Submission

6) Article Submission

7) Creating link Wheel

8) Local SEO Specialist.

9) Video Optimization

10) Link Building

11) Web 2.0 Promotion & Social Networking

12) Social media - Face book Twitter, etc.

13) Forum Posting

14) YouTube Uploading

15) PPC & Ad words Specialist

16) Ad Posting

17) Guest Blog Posting

18) Link wheel

That is why search engine optimization?

At the root of a Web site's visitors increase the importance of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) purposes that are among the main objective is ...

  1. By doing SEO to increase site traffic.

  2. To increase the popularity of the web site.

  3. By getting your site SEO can easily to everyone.

  4. Acts as a platform for creating income.

Here are some freelance websites that can change your income diagram. Always we should to know organic traffic VS paid traffic then you will successfully perform on your business.

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