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Organic Facebook Traffic For Your Own Website - SMM Strategy


Now we are discussing Facebook traffic based on Organic not paid. Organic traffic is non-paid and natural traffic, that’s why need some strategy to get huge organic traffic.

Organic Facebook traffic for your own website

Facebook organic traffic strategy we are discussing here part to part

First need to know your website's category-related traffic source, if your website based on entertainment you need to find out entertainment-related Facebook traffic platforms like an entertainment-related Facebook page or Facebook group that means entertainment-related Facebook place.

Then need to make a strong page or group or event create for promoting your own website if you are successfully have done this job must be you get huge organic traffic. Another strategy,  use a popular and huge traffic-based Facebook page or Facebook group and increase your social bookmark. Page not accept any other post but accept post comment so you try to good comment must include your website post short URL. Facebook group accept post but not all so need to find out a specific Facebook group and post regularly.

Good Facebook Comment

You can comment anywhere on Facebook but if your comment directly related to your web post only that can not be accepted, so you need to learn good comment.

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