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Addon Domain Setup System - How to Add a Domain Name on cPanel


Addon Domain Setup System

Addon domain setup system is the fourth step to prepare a website. The process is domain purchase, hosting purchase, nameserver setup, addon domain setup, WordPress install to run a website successfully. All of those three processes I have posted previously. Now going to show you how to add a domain name on your cPanel? Login to your Cpanel then you can see this domains panel.

To add a new domain name you should click on this addon domains menu or icon to get the form. Now you can see a domain addon form to add your new domain. Just simply type your domain name without www. As an example (yourdomain.com) put on the first box then systematically subdomain and document root will be filled up.

Now click on this add domain button to complete the domain add process. If you see a successful message then you may think the domain added correctly. If you show an error message then you check your nameserver or DNS area that you have put correctly or wait until active setup or connect your hosting server.

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