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Nameserver Setup Idea for a Website / How to setup DNS Server


Nameserver setup idea On a Domain

Nameserver setup idea is a primary part of beginning any website. DNS server or nameserver is a life of a domain name. A website or domain name fully values less without any DNS or name server. So to run a website, first, we should buy a domain name and a hosting plan. Then we will get a domain panel and a hosting panel with required information like (FTP info and DNS) from those companies. Now we have a domain panel and hosting panel, which we have got in our registered email inbox. Here is a sample image indication of a domain panel DNS or nameserver location. It will show you when you log in to your domain panel and click on that domain name to put your new name server.

How to setup DNS Server

Now we are in right place to put our nameserver or DNS server. If you don't get any mail or information from your hosting provider then you should mail your hosting provider to send your information. After that, you will get your name server 1 and name server 2 you may copy and past it in this place.

Now you should click on the submit button to confirm it and wait for a few hours to activate. Most of the domain companies showing a message like it ( you have submitted a new name server and it will take 24 to 48 hours) to active. Just come back one or two hours later and go to your cPanel to add on domain button. If you can add your domain name with this cPanel then everything are okay. This is the process to set up a name server or DNS server to run a website successfully.

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