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Wordpress Install Process - How to Install Wordpress


WordPress Install Process

The WordPress install process is pretty easy to install with a five-minute duration. Nowadays WordPress is one of the top web publishing platforms. WordPress is an open-source software where you may create a great website or blog. It is the most flexible website content management system (CMS) for any beginner. Here is one of the most important things we should know that databases program like MySQL databases and PHP my admin will be automatically prepared. So no need to prepare it manually and if you feel you should change then you can do it later or any time. 

If you already have a domain name and hosting plan then go to your cPanel then log in using user name and password.

Now you are in your cPanel dashboard. So scroll down and find the most popular fantastico tool menu. Nowadays most of the hosting companies offering this popular automatically install WordPress tool. Just simply click on the WordPress icon to install WordPress for your website or blog.

How to Install WordPress?

Here is the WordPress installation dashboard and showing details about the installation overview. Now click on the install button to proceed with the remaining process.

Here are showing three boxes to select the required information. So in this first box if your site has SSL, then choose the HTTPS protocol. Now click on the second box drop-down menu to select your domain name. Also for the box, not three, use on your requirements basis. If not then leave it blank.

Here is the site settings box like your site name and site description. You may change it later or any time from your WordPress dashboard. This is very effective for search engine traffic.

Now you should use a custom admin username and admin password. You must use a custom user name and a very strong password to protect your site from hackers.

This is the final step to completed your installation process. Just language, plugins, and theme you may work from your WordPress dashboard or you may do it from here. Now click on the install button to finish it.

Here is installing WordPress and showing the percentage of progress.

Finally, we have installed WordPress successfully. Here is showing our website link and another link is the administrative URL. Now you can log in to your WordPress dashboard using your admin user name and admin password.

Here are more helpful things.

Hope this will be very helpful to get started successfully website and blogging.

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