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Google Adsense Earning Easy Strategy - Make Money With Google

Google AdSense earning is one of the most popular proven money-making places all over the world. Most of the blogger are using google Adsense with there website and blog to earn money. If you did like to earn money from google then you may use AdSense ads for your blog and hope that can be a turning point in your life. I think something is better than nothing. On the other hand, you may choose the youtube earning system by using Google Adsense ads code.

Google AdSense earning

Google Adsense

Google AdSense is one of the number one and reliable marketplaces to earn money from home. You may find huge similar ads serving company but google is on top of them. Only google publishers are getting high CPC (Cost Per Click). Only Google has strong advertisers all over the world this is why they can pay with their publisher.

Make Money With Google

If you already set your mind that you did like to get started with Google Adsense using a website or blog then continue this strategy. First, you should know that what's things you need to prepare to get started google AdSense business personally.   

  1. Domain Name

  2. Hosting Panel

  3. Web Design

  4. Article Writing

  5. Post Article

  6. Traffic Promotion

  7. Apply Google Adsense

Domain Name

Domain name means a web address like (www.example.com) "name" this part is called a domain name. So choose a domain name and that can be any topic where you have sufficient knowledge to write an article. Do you know how to buy a domain name if no then use this post to know clearly?

Hosting Panel

Hosting panel means an online storage/online memory card or virtual memory. Where our website or blog will be run or store all of the data like (Text, Photo, Video, Pdf). Now hope you have understood what is hosting panel or why we should use a hosting panel. First, you should buy a chief hosting plan for $3 a month. Hope this is enough for your beginning or low traffic. Any time you may change or upgrade best on your requirements basis. Do you know how to buy a hosting plan if know then goes to this post to learn clearly?

Here is a little process to get started your website runs online or live to see all over.

First login to your cPanel then click on the addon domain menu now put your domain name without www like example.com. Here is the Addon domain setup system clearly.

Web Design

Web design is one of the important parts to read your website easy for your audience. Just design or navigate your menu user friendly. That means to design your website simply, don't make your menu or functionality critically. I think if you use this process then your audience or traffic find anything easily. Where you will get more page views and impressions on other posts.

If you did like to use WordPress then go to softaculous apps installer to install WordPress on your blog. If you don't know the WordPress install process then use this post.

Article Writing

Article writing is a vital part to get organic traffic or search engine visibility. I write an article without SEO friendly then you never get success easily. This is why when you write an article you must use this process.

First set your mind about a post topic and check google keyword planner tools. This is called keyword research that how much people search using this keyword monthly.

The process to write an article uses your keyword on the post title, 3 times on post description, meta tag, meta description, etc.

Post Article

Always you should work smartly from the beginning. If you are using the WordPress platform then you may use Yoast SEO Plugins. Now go to all post menu and click on add new to post a new article. If you already have a targeted keyword then use this keyword on the post title, the first line of the description, 3 times on total body content, meta description column, tags box, some inbound links, some outbound links, images using a keyword with anchor text.

Now follow the Readability and SEO Score menu.

Traffic Promotion

If you don't know about traffic then you should know about,

What is the traffic?

Why traffic?

The answer will be, traffic is the main to earn money from any website or blog.

You may generate traffic from organic search, social media, search engine marketing, blog commenting, guest posting, forum posting, social bookmarking, directory submission, article posting, etc. You should work on digital marketing.

Apply Google Adsense

To apply Google Adsense all of the above work is primary things. Now apply is very simple things. If your website has 50+ unique posts and has 200-300 traffic daily then you may apply for Google Adsense. Just use your blog or website the URL box then some basic information. Hope you will get a replay message within 3 days then finally 13 days it will take to approve your Google Adsense account.

Here are some helpful post you may choose

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How to buy a hosting plan

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If you follow this strategy then you must get success in the Google Adsense business.

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