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How To Use WordPres CMS – CMS WordPress Basic Tutorials 2018


How to use WordPress cms or cms WordPress basic tutorials 2018. Here also available WordPress admin, WordPress themes, cms WordPress, WordPress hosting, etc. solutions and information. WordPress is a famous CMS (Content Management System). WordPress is number 1 in CMS. Then the position of Jumla. Installing WordPress, learning even coding here (plugin development) is much easier than other CMS Besides, WordPress light/lightweight. If you do not know to program then you can create a complete website with it. Blogs are basically made with WordPress, but there are lots of plugins that are now used to create e-commerce sites, forums, etc.

WordPress Dashboard

How to use wordpres cms

Webcomic will be a tutorial for creating a site (blog) and management with WordPress first. Then there are lots of resources for WordPress theme development. Before you work with WordPress, you need to download CMS. This is an open-source project so you can download and use it.

Download Link

Download the latest version here. Currently (DDE14) WordPress 4.0.1 version is running. We will also show all the tutorials using this version of WebCouchBid.

  • By creating a site with WordPress, the default login, signup, new menu/page addition, latest added article, etc. can be done from the admin panel. Even if you need something that is not in default WordPress, you can find thousands of plugins that are free from WordPress.

  • If you are non-technical, you can create your site with WordPress (only through the admin panel). However, if PHP (and HTML, CSS) is known to be fair, then the theme can be developed. As a result, you can create your own site's Outlook.

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